Can I possess sex upon gestation?


• Do not attempt to set records and arrange a sex marathon. Duration of sexual intercourse need not exceed 05/03/10 minutes.

• The most suitable posture upon gestation is considered to pose "spoons" (a partner and the partner lying on your sides, the man behind).

• Pose "Amazons" (young girl sitting on the man at the top) need be avoided, since in this position a penis penetrates deep into a vagina.

• Since the classic pose (man on top) may possess a disproportionate impact on the expectant mom stomach and uterus, most of the load must be to put on the man.

• When a stomach increases significantly with a file position: a woman on the bed on his back, and a man standing in front of her on the floor on his knees.

• If vaginal dryness can use grease, it does not harm a baby.

• Avoid in childbearing with anal sex (if you get practiced before), because it can cause uterine contractions.

• Avoid too deeply and carefully enter a penis into a vagina. A young girl should itself regulate the depth and pressure, holding hands, penis, or restraining a movement men with knees. Preferable to use a stop ring, which It is possible to find in a sex shop.

How, a regular sex life is highly desirable because it provides not only a strengthening of the pelvic wood floor muscles, but also positive emotions and feelings for you and the child. A fact that the uterus during orgasm slightly reduced, which is perceived by the baby as a mild and pleasant massage. And remember, if you love and happy, and happy next child - happy hormones come to him through the blood.

Cheers! Enjoy life! You careless pregnancy and "gentle" supply.

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Mums share their experience: beloved pancake formula


Similar this, for example, a formula are any of our user of:



1 liter of natural milk, 5-6 eggs, cane sugar and salt to tasting. Beat a eggs, so add to milk (the milk may be replaced with milk yoghurt, for example, 50), add the floury to a eye, however that the texture was similar fluid serum or thick fluid.

Stuffed with cream cottage cheese, smoked salmon, minced fresh meat with eggs

All tips from moms

You can even experiment with infants's cereal and baby kefirchik:



Tell pancake recipe, which turned out now! Gluten-free, eggs-free, dairy for children Agushi. Polpachki heat Agushi, 2st.l. Rice mealy, 2st.l. Cornstarch, 1 desk spoon rice porridge baby soluble sugar and sol to taste, 3/4ch.l. Protein without a hump. Читать полностью -->

5 ways to restore youth


Rejuvenate a "here and currently", without the pain and a blood, joints and painful expectations... Who has not ever indulged in such dreams?

Ivan Tsarevich dived into a magical cauldron, bit "rejuvenating" apple and twenty years gone! What are we worse? What to shiver... Fear: people in white coats, posverkivayuschih polished surgical steel scalpel, laurels of Michael Jackson with his unfortunate nose... As, there are anti-aging techniques that leave no scars and does not want a "otsizhivaniya 'home in bandages, and a effect did not inferior of plastic material surgery.

1. Photorejuvenation

What is this?

Procedure the skin however-called broadband pulsed light (IPL). However a effect, "wake up" particular cells - fibroblasts, which are beginning to actively encourage a production of collagen and elastin. Читать полностью -->

10 strict "no" upon pregnancy



It is believed that excess caffeine causes strain on the cardiovascular system of the mum and the fetus, causing anxiety and may even lead to miscarriage or early birth. But here we must mention that this is however, if drinking more than 3 cups of espresso a day. Women with big-pressure coffee at contraindicated.


The leads to the drug always indicated, whether it is contraindicated for pregnant gerls. Otherwise correct once again consult a doctor. Prohibited during childbearing vasoconstrictor nasal drops, Ambroxol, Ambrobene, aspirin, some antibiotics, etc.


Of a sufficiently big number of helpful herbs meet those that can cause a miscarriage, and those that possess a negative effect on a fetus. Learn which herbs are contraindicated, can be in our Encyclopedia.

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How to save on buying children's clothes


Babies new things sometimes turn into extremely adult spending: clothes children need more than us, and grow out of jackets and shoes are much faster. Of course, for beloved infants did not mind, but it is always nice to save their money, not to the detriment of capacity.

Talent, lovely, fashionable, and for pennies a baby get to wear one. There are mom-umelitsy that of a reasonable piece of fabric or skein of wool able to create a masterpiece. Somewhere in a tales are even babies, have a phenomenal accuracy: a pants never tear on the knees and white blouses stay a whole day, and, of the serving his sentence, go to the younger sisters and brothers in the always new configuration. But for most, still collecting newborn to school or kindergarten, how correctly however the seasonal transition demandes significant investment. However to cut them?

Great planning

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Mothers share the experience: how to skin with a infirmary


Day, when the mother is discharged with the infirmary with the child in her arms - a extremely memorable and important. In a end, it is the entry into a new life and a reason to be proud! For father and close statement is no less influential, which is why they are often placed a original meeting of mother and child.

If the birth took place kindly and without complications (no breaks and no stitches), a mom may write on the third time. If a newborn was born by Caesarean section, the time will finish up to a 7 days. These terms are relevant, provided that in both cases a newborn is healthy and does not require additional monitoring and attention. Otherwise, crumbs can either leave the children's office (and mum to write), or transferred to Babies's Infirmary.

If a birthday was planned and on time, so ideally you possess a home to be collected all a necessary items for discharge. If labor is caught by surprise the family, it is important, but a fine load falls on a helpmate and / or relatives.

- Car Seat

Parents are required to install the car seat for newborns in a car, which will go home with a newborn. Читать полностью -->

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