10 strict "no" during gestation



It is believed that excess caffeine causes strain on a cardiovascular system of a mom and a fetus, causing anxiety and can even lead to miscarriage or premature birthday. But here we should mention that this is so, if drinking more than 3 cups of espresso a day. Gerls with big-pressure coffee at contraindicated.


A instructions to a drug always indicated, whether it is contraindicated for pregnant women. Otherwise consummate once again consult a medic. Prohibited upon childbearing vasoconstrictor nasal drops, Ambroxol, Ambrobene, aspirin, some antibiotics, etc.


Of a sufficiently big number of effective herbs meet those that may cause a miscarriage, and those that have a negative capacity on the fetus. Learn which herbs are contraindicated, may be in our Encyclopedia.

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Moms share their experience: the medication of the common cold during gestation


Caviar fish, so well however the crab itself, contains a range of vitamins and minerals that are vital to well-being. It is considered safe for apply during gestation and lactation, provided that it is thoroughly cooked or pasteurized. According to a American nutritionist Kimberly A. Tessmer (Kimberley A. Tessmer), unpasteurized egg in fresh fish can breed bacteria listeria. Listeria can also be found in the raw fish used for sushi. Читать полностью -->

On vacation with your child: Finland


Tickets to Finland

If you travel by plane, you buy tickets however soon so a book and pay Cottage. This allows you to save considerably. Train ticket sale starts 45 days, however if you are leaving on December 29, so take care of a tickets in a middle of November.

Serious Tips for traveling to Finland

• Vacation want be booked within six weeks. That is, if you are planning to go to a New Year holidays, it is best to put service of a accommodation in the summer, in July and August. Early booking will give you a most significant advantages: a huge selection of free houses and the cost is 0.5 that which would be just earlier a holidays.

• Do not forget that January - a winter sales, while Finland is famous for a top capacity winter garments and footwear. It is possible to buy yourself and your baby to the good stuff at short prices. Читать полностью -->

The first bride of your baby


You barely get time to check out of the hosp., however friends and relatives yet call you with a matter: "Well, as's the newborn? May not wait to see him! ". When and how to arrange child bride?

Wait time

A tradition of the bride hold the newborn came a more long time. Our ancestors did not show anyone the baby and not told about it until the 40th time after birthday. During this period, time to christen the child and it was thought that, presently that he is protected from the evil eye, it finally may be introduced to a world.

Presently, too, it is believed that a first 30 days of a newborn's life perfect than no show. But not for causes of the evil eye, and on a reference of pediatricians - immunity child has not already formed, and the man who seems healthy can award him the infection, of which he is a carrier.

In addition, the mom and newborn to get used to every other, and the constant flow of visitors may prevent them nice tune an emotional connection. In addition, about children may scare foreign voices and smells - however a effect they will beginning to act up. Читать полностью -->

A 1st bride of the newborn


If guests ask you about what to give a baby, do not be shy and do not have off with a phrase: "up to you." You could receive 3 of the like kettle and a lot of plush toys. Honestly tell you today need - diapers, highchair, baby utensils or an envelope with the money.

Prepare a wiper in the lavatory for guests and ask any recently logged immediately ablution a hand.

Children must be closed to outsiders. It is complete for a while to do a newborn to enjoy and to be with him there than to arrange a continuous pilgrimage to the child crib. If you live in a studio placement and outline to hold a feast in a rooms, baby crib is better for visiting guests to roll out to a kitchen, pre-ventilate a area. It is possible to so, if necessary, alone with a newborn, to soothe or feed him.

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Five ways to restore youth


Gold thread (reinforcement)

What is it?

"Invisible mending" of the face and neck to stimulate collagen production. Filament support frame of the skin but it does not lift - face lifting effect not.

As are you?

Under local or chief anesthesia, a surface layer of a dermis facial skin literally riddled thin (size 0.1 mm in diameter) made of gold threads of the very highest ordering. This is not a whim but a medicinal necessity. Precious metal - the only one that does not cause allergies and is not rejected by a body. On the contrary, it is responding to the introduction of lucky threads that shape around new series of collagen fibers, making a "framework" that will support the dermis a lot of years.

She "darn" lasts around 40 min.

Then what?

Of the the introduction of the puncture site strands stick with tape, and you can recover back home. About the size of a week enjoy a little torment: swelling and bruises are inevitable. Читать полностью -->

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