Five ways to restore youth


Gold thread (reinforcement)

What is it?

"Invisible mending" of the face and neck skin to stimulate collagen production. Filament support frame of a skin but it does not lift - good lifting capacity not.

So are you?

Under local or general anesthesia, a surface layer of the dermis facial skin literally riddled thin (around 0.1 mm in diameter) done of gold threads of the extremely highest ordering. This is not a whim but a medic necessity. Precious metal - a alone one that does not cause allergies and is not rejected by a aging body. On the contrary, it is responding to a introduction of golden threads that shape around new series of collagen fibers, making a "framework" that will support a dermis many years.

She "darn" lasts about 40 min.

Then what?

Later the introduction of a puncture site strands stick with tape, and you can recover back home. Around a 7 days possess a some torment: swelling and bruises are inevitable. Читать полностью -->

Can I eat fish, eggs and seafood are pregnant or nursing?


During childbearing and lactation, a meal you eat can affect the newborn's construction, so nursing moms regime must consist of nutritious, healthy and non-toxic items. Whether a crab and seafood to a useful and healthy meal for a mum?

To a matter "Can I eat fish, eggs and seafood nursing mother?" Meets expert center for distance learning consultant on breast-feeding, complementary feeding and Babywearing (slingokonsultantov) "Project ProGV" Natalia Tsarev.

All fresh fish is rich in trace items: potassium, magnesium, and particularly phosphorus. A sea crab and seafood are rich in iodine and fluorine. Fish and seafood get a big nutritional value, not alone because of high-quality protein, but also due to higher content in fatty fish (such as salmon, Atlantic salmon, rainbow trout, mackerel, herring, tuna, sardines), fatty acids, Omega-3 and Omega- 6. It is believed that these acids do wonders for our hearts and favorably affect the operation of a entire cardiovascular system. Therefore, pregnant and lactating gerls want to include in a diet crab and seafood.

As, despite a abundance of nutrients, a fresh fish can be harmful. Читать полностью -->

Can I drink pregnant?


Surely you yourself noticed specific externality, behavior and intelligence of infants whose moms and dads abuse alcohol.

Can I drink later 12-13 week pregnant? Yes, in a second and 3-rd trimester of a expectant mother is permitted to make a duo of sips of red or beer to calm down his "thirst for taste." So, alone in the case that there is no pathology or medicinal contraindications.

By a way, upon gestation should avoid taking a bath with champagne or beer fountains, how the face absorbs a alcohol, and a metered consumption process impossible.

Thus, upon pregnancy it is better to give up alcohol and replace it with healthy fresh food, organic juices, go for a walk, ask the man she loved to do a foot massage or back... This will allow you to relax and enjoy all a required endorphins, and the reward for a "self-control" will keep a healthy baby.

Be right, and light you pregnant!

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. . . . . Читать полностью -->

What are treated by laparoscopy


However is a operation

Laparoscopy is performed in a hospital in a sterile operating physician surgeon or gynecologist. For anesthesia is commonly used general anesthesia, and the diagnostic procedure is possible and local anesthesia (spinal).

Approximately an hour before a operation you will be asked to empty a bladder, and shaved pubic thin hair. The abdomen is treated with exceptional antiseptic resolution. You put on a drip, done which to introduce the indispensable fluids and medications. To relieve stress may pick up a sedative.

While you are under general anesthesia, you can:

• put the tube in the throat for breath assistance;

• put into the bladder catheter to drain a urine;

• enter into the uterus done the vagina thin probe crane.

Next, the doctor does one or more little incisions in a front wall of a abdomen done which a abdominal cavity introduces a laparoscope and ancillary items. Then a stomach pumped gas (carbon monoxide or nitrogen) to the abdominal wall does not obstruct. Читать полностью -->

Mums share their experience: favorite pancake recipe


Same this, for example, the formula are about of our user of:



1 liter of milk, 5-6 egg, sugar and salt to taste. Beat the eggs, then add to milk (the natural milk may be replaced with milk yoghurt, for example, 50), append the flour to a eye, however that a texture was similar fluent cream or thick fluid.

Stuffed with serum cheese, smoked salmon, minced fresh meat with egg

All tips with moms

You can even experiment with children's cereal and child kefirchik:



Tell pancake formula, which turned out today! Gluten-free, egg-free, dairy for children Agushi. Polpachki heat Agushi, 2st.l. Rice flour, 2st.l. Cornstarch, 1 table spoonful rice porridge child soluble sugar and salt to taste, 3/4ch.l. Protein without the hump. Читать полностью -->

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