Can I possess sex during pregnancy?


• Do not attempt to set records and arrange a sex marathon. Duration of sexual intercourse should not exceed 05/03/10 min.

• A most suitable posture upon gestation is considered to pose "spoons" (the partner and the partner lying on a sides, the man behind).

• Pose "Amazons" (young girl sitting on the man at the top) must be avoided, since in this position a penis penetrates deep into the vagina.

• Since the classic pose (man on top) may have a disproportionate impact on a expectant mother stomach and uterus, most of a download want be to put on a man.

• When a stomach increases significantly with a file position: a young woman on a bed on his back, and the man standing in front of her on a wood floor on his knees.

• If cunt dryness may apply grease, it does not harm the child.

• Avoid in gestation with anal sex (if you get practiced earlier), because it can cause uterine contractions.

• Avoid too deeply and closely enter the penis into the vagina. A young woman need itself regulate a depth and pressure, holding hand, penis, or restraining the movement men with knees. Preferable to use a stop ring, which It is possible to find in a sex shop.

So, a systemic sex life is much desirable because it provides not only the strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles, but also positive emotions and feelings for you and a baby. The fact that a uterus during orgasm slightly dropped, which is perceived by the child as a mild and pleasant massotherapy. And remember, if you love and happy, and happy future newborn - happy hormones come to him done a blood.

Cheers! Enjoy life! You careless childbearing and "soft" delivery.

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Mothers share their experience: however to facial skin with the hospital


And finally, a surprises and pleasant trifles a time of discharge. There are traditional, shall we say, the classic method to congratulate a young woman on the birthday of a child. This mother flowers, candy and envelope - a nurse, carrying a baby. But the most creative father, how well how family and friends see fit to surprise and please my mom. What - again depending on the degree of creativity.

Anyone gives not just a bouquet and a carriage made of flowers.

A lot of come to a hospital with balloons and even posters.

And anyone even singers orders. Directly to the wood door of a hosp..

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Seven habits that rob us of a power


Our everyday household habits ofttimes lead to what forces we are less and less. Such habits, at least seven.

1st: a regular lack of sleep

According to statistics, in a 60 years of a finish century a average person assigned to sleep 72 hours, currently - around 6.5. We have become less sleep because of the accelerated pace of life, are forced into a growing number of cases. But apart with that the number of people suffering with sleep disorders (eg, because of the stress).

A lot of are trying to create up for the lack of sleep over the weekend, indulging in as-called "sleeping bulimia" - that is, until a middle of riprap Saturday. Much good it does not work. Researchers with Northwestern University (Illinois) enjoy shown that lack of sleep, accumulated over several hours, It is possible to not compensate for a time. Читать полностью -->

Lymphatic massotherapy at home


How to pick?

The basic parameter of all equipment for lymphatic drainage - is the number of cameras. It determines how much detail and quality will be a massotherapy. Each chamber is responsible for the "station." If the dual-chamber device, which means that during a massage, for example feet, the whole cycle of foot massage is performed in 2 steps, first chamber inflates a cuff from foot to knee, then inflates a second camera, located above. Naturally, with more cameras, a effect of "pasture" stagnant lymph and blood with the extremities to be more complete, because compression occurs in small areas, and more gradually.

In professional models of cameras can be up to 12 or more. Devices for home use are normally with four to 6 cameras.

A following criterion, which is worth paying efforts to when choosing a unit, the property and size cuff. Cuff at work are exposed to a high pressure (up to 200 mm Hg or higher), and repeatedly inflate and deflate. Читать полностью -->

Moms share their experience: favorite pancake formula


Our loved recipe for pancakes only know my husband, you would not believe, he does all by eye... So many minutes I tried I have the vkusnota not poluchaetsya.U us every Saturday first carnival father prepares pancakes)))



I have the same story, only with my mother... A recipe is simple, but I yet may not obtain such... She makes them in the h2o and they have it super thin turn out, much of a world...

All tips from mothers

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