Sex during gestation poses, fears and new sensations


Leg cramps

A sudden reduction in calf muscle during foreplay would nullify all the efforts. May cramp caused by a deficiency of magnesium, calcium, and vitamin B6.

Decision: Tell the medic approximately the discomfort and to follow its reference. If limited preparations are not assigned, lean to rich big bananas and apricots magnesium, calcium-containing dairy items, fresh meat, fresh fish and nuts to do up for the lack of B6.

Discomfort after orgasm

Uterine contractions may cause "fossilization" lower stomach.

Solution: Do not make any sudden movements, and to lie 1/2 an hour after having sex, watching the reaction of the aging body. If there are bleeding or pain, however upon menstruation, - run to a doctor. Some specialists believe that a painless increase uterine tone will not harm either a mum or a child, but, nevertheless, if you suddenly feel the "fossil" in a abdomen, just in case it is correct to consult a physician.

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