Mums share their experience: loved pancake recipe


Like this, for example, a recipe are some of our user of:



1 liter of natural milk, 5-6 egg, saccharose and salt to taste. Beat the eggs, so throw in milk (the natural milk can be replaced with yogurt, for example, 50), throw in the floury to a eye, however that the texture was like liquidity cream or thick cream.

Stuffed with cream curds, smoked salmon, minced meat with eggs

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It is possible to even experiment with babies's cereal and baby kefirchik:



Tell pancake recipe, which turned out currently! Gluten-free, egg-free, dairy for infants Agushi. Polpachki heated Agushi, 2st.l. Rice mealy, 2st.l. Cornstarch, 1 desk spoon rice porridge child soluble saccharose and sol to taste, 3/4ch.l. Milk without a hump. Stir and let stand for 10 minutes, throw in 1 desk spoonful oil. Got almost same real pancakes! With his son and fork tuck) This capacity of ingredients is about the size of 4 small pancakes.

All tips with moms

Nevertheless, experience shows that the best pancakes - cooked not cookbook, and a "rule of thumb". And that's what our grandmothers always baked pancakes, which tasting is remembered for a lifetime.

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