Art therapy for pregnant gerls


Drawing colors

Self-employed painting for pregnant gerls at 1-st glance no variant with a normal pattern classes. How, a goal here - not a girl to teach drawing right, according to a canons of academic and help it cultivate. You may not be able to draw, upscale appliances are not required. This is largely an intuitive act. Brushes, paints and paper help a girl 18 years old to Think about it about the size of your new state, to plunge into a gestation.

Typically for such activities drawing recruited group of 6-19 moms. Session lasts 2-2.5 hours. All this time the sound is calm, relaxing music. At the beginning of class the instructor asks all pregnant gerls close their skin eyes and think size the newborn, remember so you 1-st saw it on a ultrasound or only in the configuration of 2 metal strips on a test, to relive the experiences with it. Then you can start drawing. It can be anything - to a plot or not. You just need to put a emotions in color and lines. Anyone turns rainbow, someone magical forest, and anyone just abstract patterns.

Once the drawings are ready, Mom want tell a psychologist present in a classes that you are represented, and it will help them to analyze the picture. "Pronunciation of" a pattern - a child of psychotherapy. However she learns to verbalize their feelings and fears. And it gives her the opportunity to pick up your pregnancies.

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