Moms share their experience: favorite pancake recipe


All week long on Shrove Tuesday was known alone how "fair, broad, cheerful, noblewoman, carnival, carnival lady."

Pancakes, pancakes and all a derivatives in Russia loved pampered all year, but it was on Shrove Tuesday, they enjoy get a major attribute of refreshments and a vacation. After a round ruddy pancake is however similar to a hot summer sun, which all were waiting for a winter.

There is a classic recipe for Russian pancakes:

Butter - for greasing

Natural milk - 200 ml

Flour - 100 grams

Saccharose - 1 tbsp. L.

Water - 75 ml

Vegetable oil - 1 tablespoon l.

Saline - a pinch

Egg - 1 pc.

Flour and salt to sift into a bowl, then do a recess in a center and beat him in the eggs. Stir better from the edges to the center. In a natural milk add to h2o and cane sugar. While stirring the mix, slowly pour it into the mealy. Stirring until disappearance of lumps. The dough should be the consistency of a fluid cream. Add butter and beat a dough whisk, mixer or blender. Preheat the frying pan and grease it with a little a small piece of natural butter. Pour into the pan size 1/3 of the test ladle, lift it and make a circular motion however that the dough flowed across a surface of a pan. Later 30-35 seconds, turn a pancake on the other position. Oven some 10-12 seconds.

But many housewives usually empirically derive your own recipe, pancakes, by which, the whole family eats for both cheeks.

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