Mothers share the experience: a bag to the hospital



The hosp.:

Documents (passport, insurance policy, snils, certificate exchange card)

2 up. Prokladok for monthly nocturnal, you are more convenient and more cheap

1 pkg. Pads in bra

Serum cracked nipples "Bepanten"

Candles with glycerol

Ketorol tablets

Two butalki carbonated mineral water bottles of 0.5 liters.

Disposable diapers 5p or 1 pkg.

Exceptional fishnet panties, postoperative

Bathrobe, slippers 2 pairs: a shower and the usual

Personal service, tableware (plates, cups, spoons)

Baby soap (mitt wash), wet wipes, 1 pkg. Diapers

Wiper for a shower and rest

Phone and charger, camera. This list I gave myself a doctor at a reception prior to supply.

And it is with him what I needed

And bring something to eat for a first time... Plain yoghurt or cottage cheese. As well, tea bags, sugar, refined and boiler or electric

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