Presents for New Year's infants.


Alexander, the mother of Sasha (9) and Aunt Leni (5 years)

- "This is a toy for children!" - Troubled my 9 year old daughter, when I got home a box of table game "Penguins" (950 rubles). Bore the markings on the package - with 3 years. For me however though with birth, however long so a helf thing, and play interesting. But Sasha and iPad holds good time free with my cries of "lessons and you did!". Run on an inclined colorful figures on wheels - is for it is not entertainment. Fortunately, the guests came cousin brother Leon, 5-year-old fan of board games. Here one has skin eyes in the form of "Penguins" lit up similar a shark on a diet. He speedily realized that he needed to do: drive a corresponding figures in a corners of the field in exchange for points. But do not fall into the water - a blue field, or point deductions. Leon beat me with such enthusiasm that Sasha can not stand to sit following to "see." Later a duo of min they played up a couple of my almost dry.

A quality of execution "Penguins" pleases. Plastic nice, bright, nothing falls off, it does not tear, does not come unstuck. A producer promises the growth of thinking, fine motor skills, negotiation, and, it seems, does not lie - the game is really good for babies complete three, but, in my personal opinion, no more than 6 years.

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