10 family contests for new year


Christmas bags

TWO players get spruced pouch and stand at a coffee table, on which lay in a box scraps of tinsel, Christmas unbreakable funs and little small items that do not belong to the New Year vacation. Cheered by a music a players blindfolded contents of boxes stacked in bags. Once a music dies down, players unleash his eyes, and you be collected items. The winner is the one who has had more Christmas items. The game may be done 2 minutes with various players.

Dress up Christmas tree

Infants form TWO teams. Nearly every team has a lead box with Christmas unbreakable funs. Away with a small teams is dressed simulated Christmas trees. A first players taken out of the box a fun run to his team's fur-tree, hang a fun and come back - and how to a finish player. A team, a 1-st dress up Christmas tree.

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