Hip Dysplasia in Infants


- Wide swaddling - in contrast to the classical records the baby's legs spread apart. For this purpose 2 diapers. Wide swaddling shows all babies at risk: born in breech presentation, with a bad heredity of dysplasia, as well however all babies with minimal signs of dysplasia and hip instability and in those cases where more advanced locking system approachable.

- Vents pants - are used for limiting dilution legs of a baby. 4-6 weeks in most cases, the movement of the hip joint to rule.

- Stirrups Pavlik - used in severe dysplasia or after medication failure more gentle technique. Dress up both feet no problem how hip struck. You keep a greatest effect in infants under 6 weeks. While wearing 1.5-TWO weeks, in some cases, a physician may lightness them briefly to shoot.

- Bus Vilna - used in older babies, however a rule, following the reduction of hip dislocation.

If congenital hip dislocation was found later, following 2 years, it is much more likely to resort to surgical reduction (done an incision) followed by the wearing of the tire.

If your baby is wearing a designated bus or stirrups:

- Detailed ask a physician approximately however to deal with the bus.

- Regularly check the baby's facial skin around a bus, as it was not on a abrasions and infections.

- Do not put any irritating substances betwixt the tire and the child's skin.

- Handle and play with a newborn, just as earlier.

- Behave how calmly however potential, distraction newborn bus to other objects: often walk around the home with him, put him a lot of toys.

- A newborn with bus or stirrups takes slightly modified seat. It may be purchased in a special shop.

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