The 1-st bride of the child


Many people same to decorate the cottage for a vacation balloons. But they may break and scare a kid. As it is better to restrict garlands.

If one of the guests give the nice mother a nice fragrant bouquet, good to put it in a kitchen or in a living rooms, but not in the child's placement. Pungent smells may irritate the crumbs.

Invite your guests to a convenient time for you. Would be best afternoon. A child need be at this point a good sleep and well-fed, to stay with a guests at least a duo of hours.

If you are frightened of infection may be spread with the entrances to a nose crumbs oxolinic ointment.

In a bustle of a celebration do not forget to shoot everything on camera or camcorder. It is possible to prepare a memorial notebook or a sheet of drawing paper, in which all the guests leave wishes baby.

If you visit friends and relatives, and delayed becomes tedious for you, suggest to guests that it's time to swim or laying child. Be sure they will treat this with understanding.

At last we are alone

Children are remarkably sensitive to a environment. However following a busy visit relatives and the baby may worry, ofttimes waking up at night, always need a presence ¬ interaction mother nearby, not long off the natural. Thus, it is experiencing an abundance impres ¬ pression. Sometimes due to overstimulation pipsqueak can even refuse a warm. Do not worry, be patient, and soon everything will be in ordering.

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