Mums share your experience: the treatment of a common coldness during childbearing



In early gestation had a coldness. Stuffy nose healed that sniffing onions. Much. Gynecologist advised Tea Institute, he only of herbs, but is very helf for colds. More Engystol 3 times per day with a sore throat and tonsillitis Hel 1 tablet. Good I enjoy chamomile rinse and throat instead of tea brewed it, raspberry green tea. Cooked egg and warmed a nose, in a nose. Inhalation afraid to do, because as a child it gave complications in a lungs - all germs with the throat crawled under a vapor below.



Turundy milk tree butter 1:1 vegetable oil, chopped onion and natural honey to stand and drip into the nose, finely chopped onion breath, milk + honey + butter + slivoch protein at a tip of a spoonful, inhalation (2kapli eucalyptus + mint + tea tree) egg warm to a nose, breathe on potatoes, chopped onions in cheesecloth and ears at night, Unrefined bulb cover with aqua 2 table spoons of sugar to boil for 30 minutes to drink a teaspoonful 4-5 minutes a day before meals, the rate of vinegar and water use to forehead elbow and knee bends, cranberry or cranberry breeding juice instead litrami.A tizina better Snoop babies! well-being to you and a child!



Honey, watter with the Malinke, onions, garlic

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