Five rules to a healthy heart


Items simple and easy steps extend a life of the most serious motor.

Fresh food heart

Rule 1. Eat greens, fruits, grains and foods with minimal heat therapy.

Raw vegetables, fruits and grains - is vitamins and fiber that enhance a body as a whole, and slow a progression of atherosclerosis and the deposition of cholesterol on a walls of blood vessels. Fish, especially young sea (trout, mackerel, mackerel, herring), is extremely rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids. Northern nations, whose menu marine crab has an significant put, suffer with cardiovascular diseases by almost 2 times less rest. According to recent studies, regular consumption of omega-3 to minimize a risk of sudden cardiac arrest.


Rule 2. Exercise every day, you walk, run, ride a bike.

Training helps keep the muscles in great form, including the heart. Upon exercise process glucose faster, consumed substances that are deposited on the law of meanness in a most problematic areas.

There are limited aerobic exercise for a heart and blood vessels. It's running, walking, swimming. A basic condition - takes at least Thirty minutes at a time, ideally - 40-50. A fitness club for great cardio: steppers (simulated walking on the stairs), treadmill, bikes and elliptical trainers. Do not similar a trainers - ride a bicycle in the park, run, or simply go on foot, ignore the elevators. Keep to the beat: while training it need be 110-130 beats per minute.

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