Art therapy for pregnant women


Anna Polyakova, "She's gone on maternity leave, now all alone in a everyday lives of four walls. Tired of sitting out all day on a Internet. However I thought approximately art therapy. Start with the fact that the download 2:00 classical music. There are other ideas - buy paper and ink and paint to this music. No question what and so serious - positive emotions and creativity. I want to go for inspiration on any show. I as well want to buy hooks and thread and try to relate my pinetochki crumbs. What else can you interesting and valuable to spend time in a decree? ".

Strictly speaking, a baby of art - painting, working with clay, knitting or singing - may be called art therapy. Indeed, in the course of such activities, you calm down and concentrate on a process, forgetting about all the nuisance. But if creativity you enjoy never done correct way to do it in a company of pregnant women under a guidance of an experienced instructor and psychologist (search the web - probably in a town, there are similar courses). A drawings and creative works of the next mother may easily identify her emotional state and help her get rid of the anxiety associated with the upcoming motherhood. We'll tell size the four basic types of art therapy: drawing inks and sand, sand therapy and singing.

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