10 family contests for new year


Gather potatoes

Required:??a number of participants baskets, cubes, balls, balls - an odd number. Lay on the floor blocks, balls and balls - this will be a murphy.

Each player is given a hand basket and blindfolded.

Task - blindly collect however a lot of "potatoes" and throw in it to your cart.

A competitor, which gathered more "murphy."

Dance or freeze

This competition is a team, it is best done with a large number of participants. Divide the babies into two teams and put them in a line facing each other. For any team in turn involve music. The player's task - to dance. But a whole team has to do one particular movement, while the maximum synchronous. When a music ends, put a piece of music for a second team, which dances its movements. Movement commands need not be repeated.

A game continues however long however the other team does not "freeze" following failing to come up with the next run. "Frozen" is deemed a loser. A winners are awarded prizes (eg, candies or tangerines), and a losing team again put music to it and danced a "warmed".

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