Art therapy for pregnant women



Singing is the most that neither is practical sense in childbirth. A fact that a disclosure of a mouth, throat exemption from clips facilitates rapid detection and relaxation of the cervix, that is easier upon labor. Battle cry making ineffective, but a silence of a body contributes to a terminal. Sound as well helps gerls to focus on a breath, not the pain. Exhale with the sound can put up to 50 seconds (and is known to carry the fight easier, extending breaths).

The sound in this singing need be obtained even, deep, drawing on a diaphragm. To learn a "rightly" sound generic as It is possible to with a teacher, and independently. Here are some tips for independent exercise:

- Stretch the shoulders, put them back badly. Imagine that you are standing at the invisible wall and touch her neck, shoulders and heels.

- Relax the skin care muscles. No facials expressions.

- Breathe in the stomach, and not feeding. When you inhale and relax a stomach, do not lift a shoulders.

- However long as possible so you exhale pull "a." The sound is supposed to be rich and powerful.

- Locked in the throat? So you're doing anything improperly. It is influential that all of these exercises in the throat can not provoke the pain or sore, or cough.

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