5 ways to restore youth


Gold thread (reinforcement)

What is it?

"Invisible mending" of a face and neck to stimulate collagen production. Filament support frame of the skin but it does not lift - skin lifting effect not.

How are you?

Under local or basic anesthesia, the surface layer of a dermis facial skin literally riddled thin (some 0.1 mm in diameter) made of gold threads of a extremely highest ordering. This is not a whim but a medical necessity. Precious metal - the only one that does not cause allergies and is not rejected by the aging body. On the contrary, it is responding to a introduction of favorable threads that form around new series of collagen fibers, creating a "framework" that will support the dermis a lot of years.

She "darn" lasts about the size of 40 minutes.

And then what?

Of the the introduction of the puncture site strands stick with tape, and you can recover back home. Approximately a week enjoy a little torment: swelling and bruises are inevitable. How, for a effect, which gives the reinforcement, it is pretty low fee. Maximum of one 30 days, you will see that a skin wrinkles capitulated and improved complexion, was unusually bright and sweet.

After a introduction of gold threads ffekt rejuvenation increases for two years and may finish for 16-12 years (depending on the organism, the age and source of the skin).

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