Five ways to restore youth


Gold thread (reinforcement)

What is it?

"Invisible mending" of the face and neck skin to stimulate collagen production. Filament support frame of a skin but it does not lift - good lifting capacity not.

So are you?

Under local or general anesthesia, a surface layer of the dermis facial skin literally riddled thin (around 0.1 mm in diameter) done of gold threads of the extremely highest ordering. This is not a whim but a medic necessity. Precious metal - a alone one that does not cause allergies and is not rejected by a aging body. On the contrary, it is responding to a introduction of golden threads that shape around new series of collagen fibers, making a "framework" that will support a dermis many years.

She "darn" lasts about 40 min.

Then what?

Later the introduction of a puncture site strands stick with tape, and you can recover back home. Around a 7 days possess a some torment: swelling and bruises are inevitable. How, for a capacity, which gives a reinforcement, it is pretty short fee. Maximum of one month, you will see that a wrinkles capitulated and improved complexion, was unusually bright and recent.

Following a introduction of gold threads ffekt rejuvenation increases for two years and may finish for 113-12 years (depending on a organism, a age and source of the skin).

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