5 ways to restore youth


Rejuvenate a "here and currently", without the pain and a blood, joints and painful expectations... Who has not ever indulged in such dreams?

Ivan Tsarevich dived into a magical cauldron, bit "rejuvenating" apple and twenty years gone! What are we worse? What to shiver... Fear: people in white coats, posverkivayuschih polished surgical steel scalpel, laurels of Michael Jackson with his unfortunate nose... As, there are anti-aging techniques that leave no scars and does not want a "otsizhivaniya 'home in bandages, and a effect did not inferior of plastic material surgery.

1. Photorejuvenation

What is this?

Procedure the skin however-called broadband pulsed light (IPL). However a effect, "wake up" particular cells - fibroblasts, which are beginning to actively encourage a production of collagen and elastin. And where are they, where are known skeleton of a face.

How is it done?

Once you have settled down in a comfortable chair or cosmetology settled on a couch, on the face will cause a cooling gel, and a skin eyes will wear sunglasses. Sensation upon a process is minimal. You may feel a pleasant warmth or tingling. If there are uncomfortable, ask the service technician to substitute a indicators flash. However, experience shows that a discomfort complain unit. Current devices are equipped with a "double filtering", which itself cuts off those wavelengths of light, which may cause burns.

So what?

Limited rehabilitation after rejuvenation is required. May work, relax and go on dates. The only "but" within 2 weeks following the procedure is prohibited sunbathing. By a way, 2 weeks before the proceedings, and also may not sunbathe - Moscow is not the sun, but to travel to tropical countries, how right however a solarium, perfect to abstain.

With regard to a effect - "posvezheete" almost immediately. To have rid of the wrinkles possess to repeat a proceedings with 3 to 6 minutes (monthly). Number of visits depends on the condition of the face and age.

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