On vacation with your child: Finland


Tickets to Finland

If you travel by plane, you buy tickets however soon so a book and pay Cottage. This allows you to save considerably. Train ticket sale starts 45 days, however if you are leaving on December 29, so take care of a tickets in a middle of November.

Serious Tips for traveling to Finland

• Vacation want be booked within six weeks. That is, if you are planning to go to a New Year holidays, it is best to put service of a accommodation in the summer, in July and August. Early booking will give you a most significant advantages: a huge selection of free houses and the cost is 0.5 that which would be just earlier a holidays.

• Do not forget that January - a winter sales, while Finland is famous for a top capacity winter garments and footwear. It is possible to buy yourself and your baby to the good stuff at short prices. By a method, in principle, be discounts on anything - from shoes to electronics.

• Public transport in Finland is one of best in the world. All types of transport (trams, buses, trains) are one and the like tickets that are sold at newsstands, cash register, however well however a driver. If you intend to apply the bus or train, it is perfect to buy a ticket - more cheap.

• Be sure to strive the fresh fish - salmon, trout, cod. It there is always sweet, tasty and inexpensive. Put savulohi - however called in Finnish smoked salmon.

• To call Russia is most advantageous to buy a local SIM-card in the network «R-kioski», their representation is in all cities. A cost of SIM-cards - 6,70 €.

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