10 strict "no" upon pregnancy



Defend yourself with stressful situations want always, but specifically upon gestation. Therefore, if your job involves heavy schedule, frequent talks and effective participation in large-scale projects, consider as to avoid it all. The loading on the job in any case should not affect either on a nerves, or soundness - your and your newborn.

Some of the products

Do not eat raw or undercooked eggs. The egg must be thoroughly cooked, whites and yolks - firmly. This prevents the risk of salmonella. You can not drink raw (not pasteurized) milk, alone the one that have properly heat medication or pasteurization. Raw or undercooked meat is as well forbidden to apply upon gestation. A like goes for sausages and mince. Avoid cheeses with mold. You may contain listeria - bacteria that cause listeriosis. Even a mild configuration of the infection upon childbearing can lead to miscarriage or severe illness in a newborn.

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