What are treated by laparoscopy


However is a operation

Laparoscopy is performed in a hospital in a sterile operating physician surgeon or gynecologist. For anesthesia is commonly used general anesthesia, and the diagnostic procedure is possible and local anesthesia (spinal).

Approximately an hour before a operation you will be asked to empty a bladder, and shaved pubic thin hair. The abdomen is treated with exceptional antiseptic resolution. You put on a drip, done which to introduce the indispensable fluids and medications. To relieve stress may pick up a sedative.

While you are under general anesthesia, you can:

• put the tube in the throat for breath assistance;

• put into the bladder catheter to drain a urine;

• enter into the uterus done the vagina thin probe crane.

Next, the doctor does one or more little incisions in a front wall of a abdomen done which a abdominal cavity introduces a laparoscope and ancillary items. Then a stomach pumped gas (carbon monoxide or nitrogen) to the abdominal wall does not obstruct. Further procedures depend on what a medic is planning to do during the operation. It may be just viewing, cyst removal, dissection of adhesions, biopsy, etc.

Of the a process, all the tools are removed from a abdominal cavity, the gas is released, and sutured incisions. Operative time may range with 30 to 90 minutes, depending on a purpose of a medic. If, after inspection he decided to have surgery, it will take more time.

Primary recovery with surgery takes 2-4 hours, so you wake up and come to you. The extremely future day, you can do normal items, but intense material action such as charging will be allowed at least a week.

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